We had organised that Arlpwe Artists Aboriginal Corporation attend the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair (DAAF), August 12, 13 & 14, 2011. At Arlpwe we are concentrating on and encouraging ‘team work’ here at the Corporation.

We believed that by attending this art fair it would be a positive experience for our workers and benefit our ‘performance improvement program’.


We required for this trip a lot packing of artefacts and paintings to be wrapped, packed, recorded, certificates printed, and all bits ‘n pieces’ put in boxes and assembled to be loaded into our recycled trailer. The two Indigenous Art Centre workers that we were taking with us to Darwin were the two younger men, Ethan Wilson and Anthony Lane, we had empowered each of them to be confident and that their opinion counted and that they could make decisions without being micro-managed.

They were eager to assist and got stuck into the preparation work, helped in various ways and these two men worked well together and they have a happy work ethic.

Once we arrived at the Darwin Convention Centre, unloading ran smoother with Anthony and Ethan helping. Ian Grieve (Art Centre Manager) talked to both Anthony and Ethan about talking to visitors and tourists about Arlpwe and Ali Curung and engaging with the visitors. Ian and I showed a positive view, trust and valuing our workers view.

During the three days at the DAAF, Ethan was asked by a group of tourist guides to come forward and chat to everyone about Arlpwe Art Gallery and Ali Curung; quickly Anthony Lane grabbed the camera and took these snap-shots of Ethan talking to this group.

We also had the Arts Minister call into our booth, here Anthony and Ethan chat informally to Gerry McCarthy. (Over 1,200 km!)