Arlpwe Art Gallery today joined CDU in their symposium titled “Indigenous Knowledge’s” in a changing world and Arlpwe Art Gallery became the ‘first’ remote Art Gallery to go ‘live’ stream up in Darwin.
We saw Stuart Downs explain about artefacts made in Ali Curung and as well Meredith Riley gave a talk about jewellery making, message sticks and coolamons. A short tour of the Art Gallery then followed.

TIME: Arlpwe was involved in a ‘live-stream’ - Sunday 21 April 2013 (1PM)
PLACE: Arlpwe Art Gallery
PEOPLE INVOLVED: Ian Grieve, Judith Grieve, Meredith Riley, and Stuart Downs.

The Arlpwe Art Gallery has embraced new technologies; this exercise follows hard on the heels of the NT Libraries “i-pad” workshop, where 3 employees attended.
As Arlpwe moves towards finalising our outside precinct development of the Art Gallery, this together with our new diversified product range; it will create new marketing opportunities for our artists / community.