Sonia Murphy one of our employees won the song writing competition up in Tennant Creek, the topic, ‘Road Safety’. Neil Murray musically backed her. Neil is famous for the song, “My Island Home”.

Read Sonia’s story below


Hello, my name is Sonia Murphy. And I work at the Arlpwe Art Gallery at Ali-Curung. I want to share with you how I won the song writing competition at Tennant Creek. The section I entered was for road safety.

To tell my story I have to go back to the beginning. One day when I was at work Ian my boss said that we were going to Alice Springs, and I was asked to go as well. And so I got ready and four of us went to Alice Springs.

At Alice Springs I attend two separate workshops; one was about philanthropy and how to get funding for different things. We all attended these workshops. In this one I met a lovely lady her name was Gillian and we talked about song writing. We talked about Desert Eagles Band here in Ali Curung and the ladies Gospel Singers I told her how I sing and write songs and I told her about recording and how we would like things like workshops and anything to do with music would be really helpful for us here in Ali Curung.

Then things started to happen and Ian he also talked with Gillian and Barkley Art Music Centre, Ian rang Neil Murray (singer/song writing) and then next thing we knew he was here in Ali Curung.

We had a wonderful workshop at the rec hall; the men also enjoyed their workshop as well. Before our workshop Ian told us that on this Saturday there would be a competition and the competition was about road safety, so together with my good friends Meredith and Selma we set to work writing the song on road safety. It was a productive session from this we developed our entry for Saturday’s competition, by Saturday morning we were heading to Tennant Creek, by the afternoon everyone was in the swing of it.

There were group singers and lots of experienced singers there as well. We were the third to perform; I was very nervous as was Selma but once we started it all came together. The announcement was after the last performer; it was really exiting to hear our names called out as winners.

It is interesting to think about how it all came together from talking to Gillian, Ian supporting us, and working with Neil Murray - how interesting life is.