Ali Curung is located 350km North of Alice Springs in Northern Territory, Australia.  To get there simply travel along the Stuart Highway and turn at the sign-posting. Then travel the 22km east along the sealed road to our remote community, Arlpwe.

The Northern Territory is the most barren of all areas in the whole of Australia. It encapsulates a total area of 1.35 million square kilometres which accounts for 20% of the whole country's land mass, however, just 1% of Australia's population lives here.

We welcome you to come and visit us and meet our traditional Australian Aboriginal artists at work, listen to the stories about their dreaming and purchase your own traditional Aboriginal Artefacts and Art. And use the maps below to find our location to take the trip to our Art Centre & Gallery.

Plus, each piece that we sell from our gallery has a Certificate of Authenticity included to guarantee it is a genuine Australian Aboriginal artwork or artefact and guarantee the quality of the purchased item.

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