Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre is comprised of an Aboriginal Art Gallery, two Art Centres and a Pottery Training Studio located 350km North of Alice Springs, Australia, in Ali Curung, a remote Aboriginal Community.

Owned and operated by the Arlpwe Artists Aboriginal Corporation, the centre promotes the artistic works of local artisans, including paintings, pottery and artefacts, in an effort to provide a method of telling traditional stories through the artwork, and in particular, keeping the culture of the region alive for future generations.

Arlpwe Art Gallery offers a cultural experience for all participants to take pleasure in and which brings you closer to the world’s oldest culture, (40,000 years).

We all travel together and share the meaning of each piece of art work, this unique experience enhances understanding and shares knowledge between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people.

Tourism Accredited

Accredited Tourism BusinessArlpwe Art & Culture Centre is an accredited tourist destination. The Australian Tourism Accreditation Program is a business development program that is based on Quality Assurance principles and endorsed by Tourism Accreditation Australia Ltd (TAAL).

Tourism Accreditation is a form of quality assurance agreed to and operated by the tourism industry across Australia and under this accreditation Arlpwe Art & Culture Centre is committed to professionalism in business operations, delivery of service and experience.

Online Art Gallery

So take the time to explore our website, learn more about our Art Centre and our community and visit the Online Art Gallery to view the latest pieces being offered for sale. All items sold include an explanation of the artist's story and background and a Code of Practice, Certificate of Authenticity.

As a corporation we acknowledge the traditional owners the Kaytetye people. We acknowledge and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land and animals.

Thank you!

Arlpwe Artists Aboriginal Corporation would like to acknowledge the support from the Australian Government (The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet) and also the support of the Northern Territory Government. We would also like to thank our many other supporters who are vital to our success.


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